Audiogame Jam 2016 ran from August 26th and September 5th 2016. Participants were challenged to make games playable in audio only so that people with any type of visual impairments would be able to play. 

The original aim was to raise money for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, a charity that provides support and services to people with sight loss across the UK.

16 games were submitted from teams and individuals across the world. Of those most were accessible to blind players, and all had interesting approaches to using audio in gameplay. While only a modest amount of money was raised for RNIB we realised it was very successful in raising awareness of accessibility issues encountered by visually impaired people when playing games and encouraging developers to think of audio use in new and exciting ways.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Audiogame Jam 2016. Without their hard work and enthusiasm the jam would not have been nearly as successful as it was. All the games are downloadable on the Audiogame Jam 2016 page on GameJolt, an independent games portal and game jam hosting website. Please try the games and give the developers your support and feedback. You can also support Audiogame Jam by donating to RNIB through the Audiogame Jam JustGiving page.

Thank you yo everyone who helped promote and support Audiogame Jam. Without your encouragement and work to spread the word about what we were doing Audiogame Jam could not have been as successful as it was.

Audiogame Jam 2016 Coverage

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